Hinged Partition

Wall Closed

Wall Opened

Operable Walls and Partitions

The acoustical engineered panels consist of a welded steel frame that ensures a durable performance and an increased life expectancy.  Each manufactured partition allows custom mobility and face materials, ranging in multiple finishes such as vinyl, carpet, fabric, and wood veneer.  Additional features to enhance the use of the walls include pass doors, dry erase sections and stained or textured glass inserts.

Our operable walls are standard for dividing spacious areas such as conference rooms, banquet halls, classrooms, hospitals, churches, hotels, airports, museums, and gymnasiums – to name a few but not limited to.  Kwik-Wall offers several models including individual panels, hinged pair panels, curve and diverter wall systems, and electrical wall systems.

Movable Glass Walls

The mechanically fastened panels are constructed of aluminum suspension rails to enable multi-configurations suitable for custom layouts.  These luxurious walls invite natural lighting and amplify an architect’s touch in areas such as office spaces, office dividers, restaurants, hotel lobbies, bank lobbies, churches, and conference rooms.

Our suspended rail system can be customized with powder coating, including detailed wood finishes.

Accordion Partitions

The pantograph frame partitions are finished with thin rubber and fabric lining to eliminate sound amongst the divided areas.  To enhance the sound resistance, we construct our accordion style partitions with top and bottom sweep seals.  

Our accordion partitions are most popular in classrooms, hospitals, day care facilities, training rooms, cafeterias, churches, and restaurants.  They are often used in residential areas also, serving as closet or storage doors.  These partitions can be hung on a straight or radius track that maximizes area space.